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"At first I didn't want a wedding video because I didn't want my guests to have their night ruined by someone with a camera in their face. But then I was a bridesmaid in a wedding done by Dawn and Brian and I barely noticed the cameraman all night! I was so impressed, I hired them to do my wedding too. I'm so glad I did because I love my video."    - Andrea

"When we watched our wedding recap a week after our wedding, on our honeymoon, we were both amazed at the attention to detail and how we could relive every special moment of that day again by watching a short 4 minute video.  Seeing our wedding from another perspective was something I will cherish forever.  I HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone that wants to relive the best day of their life.  You will not be disappointed.  It was easily the best money we spent on any of the vendors from our wedding." - Laura

"I really wanted a video that I would enjoy watching and wasn't boring. The montage-style is exactly that. It's great because it focuses on the best and most interesting parts of the day and it's put to music that I like. We had a hard time deciding on songs and Dawn and Brian really helped us choose songs that reflected our taste and personality, but also worked well with the footage. Overall, it came out great." - Gregory

"My favorite part of my video is how they were able to capture the moments that I missed. Our bridal party planned very elaborate entrances but since we were still waiting to get introduced, we didn't get to see them.  I'm glad I had the video to document it all!"
- Stephanie

"I was so amazed at how fast my video was ready - I had barely unpacked from my honeymoon and I got to relive the day all over again. It was great to share the recap with our guests while it was still fresh in their minds, too." - Alicia

"After I saw my video I decided I wanted some of the raw footage on a DVD. It was so easy to contact them and get the discs made, even months after my wedding." - Alli

"Dawn was really helpful. During our wedding weekend one song became our anthem for the weekend. I emailed Dawn from my honeymoon to ask if they could switch the songs and it was no problem.  They were very flexible." - Ashley
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